Eat Chocolate, End Homelessness

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Our Mission


We are a chocolate company born from the idea that employers can make the difference between homelessness and housing stability. 

Our mission is to provide jobs that empower our neighbors to end their experience of homelessness while supplying our customers with hand-crafted chocolate indulgences of the highest quality. 

We accomplish this mission by working with local nonprofits, targeting our employment openings at Changemaker Chocolates to individuals who have recently received assistance with moving into housing. Nonprofits provide the housing resources, and we provide the employment income that is needed for formerly homeless individuals and families to afford the costs of their new homes.  

Simply put, we dip chocolate to end homelessness. One job at a time. 

Our Chocolates


We enrobe your favorite snacks in high-quality chocolate to create indulgences that you will feel great about eating and sharing. All of our chocolate products are dipped and decorated with care in our shared-space commercial kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Because our chocolates are hand-crafted, each piece is wonderfully unique, as are the stories of those who make them. 

Our Origin


Changemaker Chocolates was founded in 2019 by two chocolate-obsessed social workers determined to tackle the challenge of ensuring that formerly homeless individuals and families have enough income to afford the costs of maintaining their new homes. 

Building upon the foundation laid in Danny's childhood home where his mom Laurie's hand-made chocolates were abundant, we set out to create the jobs we have been searching so hard for.

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Changemaker Chocolates

Changemaker Chocolates is proudly located in Atlanta, Georgia.  

All of our chocolate-dipped products are created in a licensed food facility under the supervision of our ServSafe-Certified Food Protection Managers. 

Quality is our priority!

Fear not: While we don't have a brick and mortar retail store for you to visit, you can satisfy all of your chocolate cravings by ordering from us right here online or by calling us!

Phone: 404-369-4663(HOME)

Customer Service Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5:30pm

Saturday - Sunday: Noon - 3pm

As we are a growing business, please understand that we may have our hands full (of chocolate!) when you call, so if we are not able to get to the phone, know that your call is important to us.  Kindly leave us your name and number, and we will return your call as soon as we can!